After-School Starlight , movie

Plot Summary:
Sei Saotome is a first grade high school student. She does not get along with the other students and her school life sucks in general. Things change when she meets male students Mizuki Otaka and Taiyo Udogawa. Mizuki doesn't talk much, but he likes astronomy. Taiyo has a sharp tongue and he is smart. They both plan to join the astronomy club which leads Sei to join the club as well.

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Release Date: April 5, 2019

Genres: Romance movies (202)
Studios: Independent movies (745)
Country: Japanese movies (51)

Director: Kentarô Ohtani
Screenplay: Natsuko Ikeda, Miwako Sugiyama
Cast: Haruka Fukuhara, Hiroe Igeta, Azusa Minamiyama, Kana Natsume, Yuno Ohara, Ryôhei Ohtani, Miki Sakai, Taiki Satô, Jin Suzuki

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