Animal Control , movie

Plot Summary:
On the verge of being fired, cowardly ANIMAL CONTROL officer, Abe Junior Junior, believes he's discovered an extinct species of wolf and sets out to catch the vicious pet-eating canine with the help of a beautiful young museum curator. But when it turns out the wolf is actually a murderous werewolf, Abe Junior Junior must learn to believe in himself and a grow a pair to defeat the dastardly supernatural beast before it murders again.

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Release Date USA: October 15, 2017
Release Date: October 15, 2017

Genres: Horror movies (250) Comedy movies (600)
Studios: Independent movies (745)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Runtime: 87 min
Director: Ryan Barton-Grimley
Screenplay: Ryan Barton-Grimley
Music: Robby Elfman
Cast: Ari Schneider, Ryan Barton-Grimley

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