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Plot Summary:
The film is set high in the Tirolian Mountains on a secluded farm, where two children survive off the land with no one to rely on but each other. The sixteen year old sister (Lowe) is at one with nature, and despite a tough life, still untouched by the evil that exists in mankind. Her brother is ten, a good boy and a hard worker. But he is traumatized from having seen his father killed by the town's Mayor (Stormare), an incident that left him mute. When their single mother dies, the harsh brutality of life comes upon them in the form of savage hunters (Skarsgard, Tim Morten Uhlenbrock) who attack and rape the girl, led by the Mayor's own son (Vauramo). A social worker (Bejhed) from the city arrives to investigate. But ultimately it is the siblings who must come-of-age to protect each other and survive.

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Release Date USA: October 4, 2011
Release Date: March 26, 2011

MPAA Rating: R - Restricted

Genres: Drama movies (989) Thriller movies (499)
Country: USA Movies (1694) Austrian movies (7)

Runtime: 100 min
Director: Markus Blunder
Screenplay: Stephen T. Barton, Markus Blunder
Cast: Sophie Lowe, Peter Stormare, Maximilian Harnisch, Annica McCrudden, Gustaf Skarsgård, Samuel Vauramo, Tim Morten Uhlenbrock, George Lenz, Nelly Gschwandtner, Jacqueline Le Saunier

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