Belgian movies

Approved for Adoption movie poster
Release date USA: October 31, 2013
June 3, 2012
Laurent Boileau, Jung
Jung, William Coryn, Maxym Anciaux, Mahé Collet, Aaracia Dubois, Alayin...
European on the heads side, Asian on the tails side. Cartoonist. 42 years old according to his civil status, Jung prefers to place his birth at the...
The Angels' Share movie poster
Release date USA: February 8, 2013
May 21, 2012
Ken Loach
Paul Brannigan, Gary Maitland, William Ruane, Roger Allam, Jasmin Riggins...
Beyond the Hills movie poster
Release date USA: March 7, 2013
May 18, 2012
Cristian Mungiu
Cosmina Stratan, Cristina Flutur, Dionisie Vitcu, Doru Ana, Luminita...
Zarafa movie poster
Release date USA: July 3, 2015
January 21, 2012
Rémi Bezançon, Jean-Christophe Lie
Max Renaudin Pratt, Simon Abkarian, François-Xavier Demaison, Vernon...
The plot of the film has a grandfather telling his grand kids the story of Maki, a young boy who escapes from slave traders, befriends a giraffe (the...