Canadian movies

Felix and Meira movie poster
Release date USA: November 16, 2014
September 7, 2014
Maxime Giroux
Martin Dubreuil, Hadas Yaron, Luzer Twersky, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Benoît...
Guidance movie poster
Release date USA: March 12, 2015
September 5, 2014
Pat Mills
Don Allison, Alexandria Benoit, Alastair Forbes, Jen Goodhue, Kevin...
If you think the teenagers at Grusin High have problems, wait until you meet their guidance counsellor.
Preggoland movie poster
Release date USA: March 11, 2015
September 5, 2014
Jacob Tierney
Sonja Bennett, James Caan, Danny Trejo, Paul Campbell, Laura Harris, Jared...
Preggoland tells the story of Ruth, a 35-year-old woman who pretends to be pregnant to fit in with her friends. Although Ruth initially tries to come...
Swearnet: The Movie movie poster
Release date USA: September 12, 2014
August 29, 2014
Warren P. Sonoda
Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, Patrick Roach, Tom Green,...
Fed up with being censored in their post-Trailer Park Boys lives, the out of work stars/world-renowned 'swearists', Mike Smith, Robb Wells and John...
Hector and the Search for Happiness movie poster
Release date USA: September 19, 2014
August 14, 2014
Peter Chelsom
Rosamund Pike, Simon Pegg, Stellan Skarsgård, Toni Collette, Jean Reno,...
Hector (Simon Pegg) is a quirky psychiatrist who has become increasingly tired of his humdrum life. As he tells his girlfriend, Clara (Rosamund Pike...
Drive Hard movie poster
Release date USA: October 2, 2014
May 25, 2014
Brian Trenchard-Smith
John Cusack, Thomas Jane, Zoe Ventoura, Christopher Morris
Former racecar driver Peter Roberts (Thomas Jane) traded the winner’s circle for a 9 to 5 job as a beginners’ driving instructor. But his life shifts...
Mommy movie poster
Release date USA: August 29, 2014
May 22, 2014
Xavier Dolan
Anne Dorval, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Suzanne Clément, Patrick Huard,...
A widowed single mother, raising her violent son alone, finds new hope when a mysterious neighbor inserts herself into their household.