The Dead Reckoning , movie

Plot Summary:
It's 1881 in south Louisiana... Murderous outlaw Seth Granger and his gang, Granger's Dozen, have terrorized the southern states for over 5 years. From their cabin hidden deep in a swamp, Seth spearheads a tidal wave of blood and destruction the likes of which have never been seen; threatening and attacking homesteaders, businesses, travelers and peaceful Choctaw villages across southern Mississippi and Louisiana. Local politicians fear for their citizens while local law enforcers fear for their lives. The only saving grace for most comes in the form of a "protection fee" paid to Seth and his men for keeping other bandits at bay. Payment doesn't always promise a peaceful existence, but it's far better than the alternative. An example is made of those who refuse the protective services of Granger's Dozen - and death without prejudice is the ultimate penalty. When Chief Red Bear and his peaceful Choctaw village refuse to give in to Seth's threats, the gang decides to make an example of them and orders the slaughter of the entire village - every man, woman, and child. As the gang rides off with just a handful of loot, the village, littered with the bodies of almost 50 dead villagers, burns to the ground. In an attempt to keep the situation from becoming a national panic for fear of an Indian uprising, the governor hires a former US Marshal, Robert "Chess" Jamison, to bring Seth Granger in alive and stand trial for his crimes. Chess rides into the steamy swamplands of south Louisiana in an effort to stop a mad man who once served under him during the Civil War. However, Granger is unaware that Chess is the least of his worries because from among the smoldering ash of the Choctaw village, a sole survivor of the massacre emerges - Tall Feathers, the village Shaman. Using an ancient incantation called "The Dead Reckoning", he raises Red Bear and his warriors, both past and present, from the dead, unleashing an unstoppable army of the undead with one mission in mind: to bring back the scalps of the men who murdered them and execute their own form of swift justice.

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Release Date USA: October 31, 2017
Release Date: October 31, 2017

Genres: Action movies (375) Horror movies (250) Western movies (17)
Studios: Independent movies (745)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Director: David Winning
Screenplay: J. Brian
Cast: Jason Carter, Robert Leeshock

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