Devil in the Window , movie

Plot Summary:
A former child soldier for the Cartel, Julian struggles for redemption. He sees salvation in Marty, the young son of his sadistic mob boss, Santos. Santos has bred Marty to become a twelve-year-old killer. Julian escapes a cartel slaughter, taking Marty with him, as he sees a reflection of himself in the boy. Santos wants his son back. Julian must kill for Santos one last time in order to stay alive and return to his own son in Chicago.

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Release Date USA: June 14, 2017
Release Date: June 14, 2017

Genres: Thriller movies (499) Drama movies (989)
Studios: Independent movies (745)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Director: Marius Iliescu
Screenplay: Marius Iliescu, Zachary Laoutides
Music: Zachary Laoutides
Cast: Zachary Laoutides, Marius Iliescu

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Devil in the Window movie poster


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