Evil's Lair , movie

Plot Summary:
Multi-Millionaire, Victor Thompson inherited his fortune from his family's boat dealership when his father and grandfather died. All his life he wanted to be a film director. His lack of experience and talent resulted in an accident on the set of his doomed horror film "Return of that Dead Girl" which left him totally blind. Totally depressed, he suffers a nervous breakdown and is committed to Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital. He attacks an orderly, steals his cell phone and somehow manages to contact filmmakers through the voice dialing feature on a smart phone and offers to finance their films if he can direct them. He's found later that evening on the phone talking about how he can get Willy Nelson to star in an unsuspecting filmmakers new film. The family decides to take him to a quiet town where he can hopefully recover without getting into too much trouble. They buy a house in Riegelsville PA, also known as "Hexenhammer" or witches hammer. An area of witches covens in day gone by. During a "welcome wagon" visit he meets his new neighbors that happen to be a coven of witches who offer to "cure" him of his blindness. He accepts the offer against his wife and daughters wishes and steps into a nightmare of Satan worship, murder and the most unspeakable crime a father could perpetrate against his own daughters.

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Release Date USA: April 1, 2017
Release Date: April 1, 2017

Genres: Thriller movies (499) Horror movies (250) Drama movies (989)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Director: John Orrichio
Screenplay: John Orrichio
Music: Anthony Belluscio, Christian Schittenhelm
Cast: Edward X. Young, Cynthia Shaw, John Link, Kathy Nowrey, David M. Sitbon, Chrissy Laboy, Amber Anderson, Maggie Murphy, Vinny Titone

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