The Expedition to the End of the World , movie

Plot Summary:
A three-masted schooner carries a variety of intrepid Danes: a geologist, geographer, geochemist, marine biologist (the only woman), and a couple of artists. Their ship skims through the shimmering waters of the fjords of northeastern Greenland – one of the most remote regions on earth – now accessible for a few short weeks each year, due to the effects of climate change. Huge icebergs break apart before them, a vast double rainbow stretches across the horizon, and a polar bear seems to appear from nowhere. Their stunning surroundings inspire talk of Stendhal syndrome, a physical reaction to extreme beauty. And their fascinating musings range from the philosophical to the scientific, from the idealistic to the fatalistic. As the geologist notes: "Life on earth will survive us. We're but a parenthesis in the development of the earth. And most likely a very short parenthesis."

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Release Date USA: June 15, 2013
Release Date: January 31, 2013

Genres: Adventure movies (233) Comedy movies (600) Documentary movies (298) Fantasy movies (118)
Country: Danish movies (18) Swedish movies (21)

Runtime: 90 min
Director: Daniel Dencik
Screenplay: Daniel Dencik, Michael Haslund-Christensen, Janus Metz Pedersen
Music: Mads Heldtberg
Cast: Per Bak Jensen, Jonas Bergsøe, Bo Elberling, Jens Fog Jensen, Jeppe Møhl, Morten Rasch, Daniel Richter, Tal Rosenzweig, Minik Rosing, Katrine Worsaae

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