Fabric of the Mind , movie

Plot Summary:
Fabric of the Mind is about a reporter Melissa Hammles (Sydni Sawyer, Quiet Child, Family Forever) Who is trying to keep her job at a big news studio. When she hears that a college university has recently had an incident; She goes to uncover the truth. When she arrives she is met by Nancy Arlington (Casey Simmons, With Held, Southpaw) who tells her the real story about a psychology professor (Uncasted) who brings in a serial killer (Elias Socrates, Quiet Child) to show the class what is in the mind of a killer. The classroom soon becomes a no holds barred battle of the minds. Will the professor be able to hold his own? Or will the killer get into their heads?

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Release Date USA: November 14, 2016
Release Date: November 14, 2016

Genres: Thriller movies (499)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Runtime: 60 min
Director: Jeffrey Biers
Screenplay: Jeffrey Biers
Cast: David Ogrodowski, Sofia Plass, Shane A. Wright, Casey Simmons, Jamie Simmons, Len DiNaples, Caitlin Handerhan, Amanda Keen, Bo Schuck, Jeffrey Biers

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