French movies

Shrew's Nest movie poster
Release date USA: September 21, 2014
September 4, 2014
Juanfer Andrés, Esteban Roel
Silvia Alonso, Carolina Bang, Jesús Ángel Castrodeza, Nadia de Santiago,...
Spain, 1950s. Montse's agoraphobia keeps her locked in a sinister apartment in Madrid and her only link to reality is the little sister she lost her...
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence movie poster
Release date USA: March 6, 2015
September 2, 2014
Roy Andersson
Holger Andersson, Nils Westblom, Viktor Gyllenberg, Lotti Törnros, Jonas...
A story centered on a pair of traveling salesmen who peddle novelty items.
Viktor movie poster
Release date USA: October 24, 2014
September 2, 2014
Philippe Martinez
Gérard Depardieu, Elizabeth Hurley, Evgeniya Akhremenko, Eli Danker,...
After spending seven years in jail for an art heist, Frenchman Victor Lambert returns to Moscow to uncover the circumstances behind his son Jeremy's...
3 Hearts movie poster
Release date USA: March 13, 2015
August 30, 2014
Benoît Jacquot
Benoît Poelvoorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine...
A tax inspector (Benoît Poelvoorde), his new bride and her sister become entwined in a love triangle.
Gemma Bovery movie poster
Release date USA: May 29, 2015
August 24, 2014
Anne Fontaine
Fabrice Luchini, Gemma Arterton, Jason Flemyng, Isabelle Candelier, Niels...
Martin, an ex-Parisian well-heeled hipster passionate about Gustave Flaubert who settled into a Norman village as a baker, sees an English couple...
Release date USA: March 12, 2015
August 12, 2014
Oscar Ruiz Navia
Jovan Alexis Marquinez, Calvin Buenaventura, Atala Estrada, Gustavo Ruiz...
La Sapienza movie poster
Release date USA: September 27, 2014
August 8, 2014
Eugène Green
Fabrizio Rongione, Christelle Prot, Ludovico Succio, Arianna Nastro, Hervé...
At the height of his career, Alexandre decides to set off for Italy with the idea of completing of a book on Borromini. Along with his wife Alienor...