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Ricky Blitt is a comedy writer-producer, “Hit By Lightning” marking his debut as a film director. Ricky wrote for "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" and various other TV series and was a writer-producer for years on "Family Guy." He was recently selected as the writer of the "Family Guy Movie" - the long awaited big screen version of the popular series. Ricky also wrote the film "The Ringer" produced by the Farrelly Brothers and starring Johnny Knoxville and Katherine Heigl, winning a "Perspectives of the Media" award for his script. Ricky also once starred in a sitcom pilot for Fox ("Blitt Happens") that he co-wrote and co-created with Peter Farrelly, and which was directed by the Farrelly brothers, with cameos by Cameron Diaz and Jim Parsons. He also wrote, created, and exec produced the Alyssa Milano starring sitcom "Romantically Challenged" for ABC and the Rob Corddry starring series "The Winner" for Fox. Ricky just finished writing and executive producing a TV pilot for Fox, starring Jane Kaczmarek (“Malcolm in The Middle”) and Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”) He also recently co-wrote the movie “Superbago” for Sony, and has two other film scripts (“The Dropout,” and “Killer Love”) slated to soon go forward.

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Release Date USA: October 31, 2014
Release Date: October 31, 2014

Genres: Romance movies (202) Crime movies (168) Comedy movies (600)

Director: Ricky Blitt
Screenplay: Ricky Blitt
Music: Joel Campbell, Chantal Chamandy
Cast: Stephanie Szostak, Jon Cryer, Will Sasso, Jed Rees, Nathaly Thibault, Alexis Maitland, Julia A. Long, Sean Tucker, Richard Roy Sutton, Chantal Chamandy

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