Horror movies

Bound to Vengeance movie poster
Release date USA: January 23, 2015
January 23, 2015
José Manuel Cravioto
Tina Ivlev, Richard Tyson, Bianca Malinowski, Amy Okuda, Dustin Quick,...
A young girl, chained in the basement of a sexual predator, escapes and turns the tables on her captor.
Insidious: Chapter 3 movie poster
Release date USA: June 5, 2015
January 1, 2015
Leigh Whannell
Dermot Mulroney, Lin Shaye, Stefanie Scott, Hayley Kiyoko, Leigh Whannell...
The newest chapter in the terrifying horror series is written and directed by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell. This chilling prequel, set before...
Release date USA: January 1, 2015
January 1, 2015
Robbie Pickering
Vanessa Hudgens, Mackenzie Davis, Ed Westwick, Keegan-Michael Key, Denis...
"Kitchen Sink" features a human, a vampire and a zombie teaming up to prevent an alien invasion. The title is a play on some of the story's overtly...
The Woman in Black: Angel of Death movie poster
Release date USA: January 2, 2015
December 31, 2014
Tom Harper
Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine, Phoebe Fox, Leanne Best, Oaklee Pendergast,...
The sequel takes place in the same house 40 years later when a group of children who are evacuated from London during World War II come to stay and...
The Pyramid movie poster
Release date USA: December 5, 2014
December 4, 2014
Grégory Levasseur
Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O'Hare, James Buckley, Christa Nicola, Amir K,...
The ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who've dared to uncover their secrets. But a team of U.S. archaeologists gets more than...
Fear Clinic movie poster
Release date USA: October 22, 2014
October 22, 2014
Robert Hall
Thomas Dekker, Robert Englund, Kevin Gage, Cleopatra Coleman, Fiona Dourif...
A doctor works to cure patients suffering from crippling phobias by placing them inside his invention which induces and controls hallucinations.
Release date USA: March 9, 2015
October 21, 2014
Carlos Caridad-Montero
Diana Peñalver, Josette Vidal, Fabiola Arace, Fabián Moreno, Georgina...
Perla is obsessed with having a beauty queen in the family and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make her dream come true.