Jackpot , movie

Plot Summary:
Terrified and bloody, Oscar Svendsen awakes clinched to a shotgun in a strippers joint. Around him 8 dead men, and police aiming at him. To Oscar it's clear that he is innocent. It all started when four chaps won 1,7 million on the pools...

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Release Date USA: June 26, 2014
Release Date: December 1, 2011

Genres: Action movies (375) Adventure movies (233) Comedy movies (600)
Studios: Independent movies (745)
Country: Norwegian movies (13)

Runtime: 82 min
Director: Magnus Martens
Screenplay: Magnus Martens
Music: Magnus Beite
Cast: Kyrre Hellum, Mads Ousdal, Arthur Berning, Andreas Cappelen, Henrik Mestad, Lena Kristin Ellingsen, Fridtjov Såheim

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