Jurassic World , movie

Plot Summary:
This is a new sci-fi terror adventure set 22 years after the horrific events of the original "Jurassic Park."

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Release Date USA: June 12, 2015
Release Date: May 29, 2015

Genres: Thriller movies (499) Sci-Fi movies (174) Adventure movies (233) Action movies (375)
Studios: Universal Pictures (21)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Runtime: 124 min
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Screenplay: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Colin Trevorrow, Derek Connolly
Music: Michael Giacchino
Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Judy Greer, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Lauren Lapkus, Katie McGrath, Ty Simpkins, BD Wong

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