La Sapienza , movie

Plot Summary:
At the height of his career, Alexandre decides to set off for Italy with the idea of completing of a book on Borromini. Along with his wife Alienor feels her relationship with Alexandre is gradually slipping away. Along the way they meet siblings Goffredo and Lavinia who are about to embark in architectural studies. A story of rediscover the joys of life and overcoming anxiety.

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Release Date USA: September 27, 2014
Release Date: August 8, 2014

Genres: Drama movies (989)
Country: French movies (165) Italian movies (27)

Runtime: 101 min
Director: Eugène Green
Screenplay: Eugène Green
Cast: Fabrizio Rongione, Christelle Prot, Ludovico Succio, Arianna Nastro, Hervé Compagne, Sabine Ponte, Gilles Tonnelé, Nathalie Chazeau, Irene Fittabile, Michele Franco

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