The Last Sentence , movie

Plot Summary:
Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Jan Troell (The Emigrants, Everlasting Moments), THE LAST SENTENCE is set against the backdrop of WW2 and is based on the life of crusading journalist Torgny Segerstedt, editor-in-chief of one of Sweden’s leading newspapers, and his one-man battle against Nazism and his country’s policy of appeasement to Hitler. With Sweden caught between Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia, the country’s elite chose a policy of neutrality and compliance, with few daring to speak up against the evil around them. Among those who did, nobody was as loud and as uncompromising as Segerstedt (Danish star Jesper Christensen), one of the most prominent Swedish journalists of the 20th century. In the eyes of many of his countrymen, his pen was far more dangerous than the Nazi sword. Beautifully filmed in black and white, THE LAST SENTENCE is a gripping tale of a man who risked his life for his beliefs and refused to be silenced.

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Release Date USA: June 19, 2014
Release Date: November 9, 2012

Genres: Biography movies (99) Drama movies (989)
Studios: Independent movies (745)
Country: Norwegian movies (13) Swedish movies (21)

Runtime: 126 min
Director: Jan Troell
Screenplay: Kenne Fant, Klaus Rifbjerg, Jan Troell
Music: Gaute Storaas
Cast: Jesper Christensen, Ulla Skoog, Pernilla August, Björn Granath

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