Love and Hostages , movie

Plot Summary:
Michael and Ava are two strangers who meet at a bar and a have a few too many drinks. The next morning neither has any recollection of each other or what happened the night before and with their location under police lock-down, these two strangers are trapped with each other.

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Release Date USA: February 20, 2015
Release Date: February 20, 2015

Genres: Romance movies (202) Drama movies (989) Comedy movies (600)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Runtime: 99 min
Director: David A. Vargas
Screenplay: Javier Mayol
Music: Alexander Arntzen
Cast: Randall Core, Natalie Stavola, Sheena Colette, Carl Rimi, Melanie Crim, Jill-Michele Melean, Merry Jo Cortada, Janet Weakley, Mark Kroczynski, Michael Bienvenu

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For a low budget, independent film, this has an amazing plot, surprises you don't expect, and good acting. Highly recommend seeing it.
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