A New York Love Story , movie

Plot Summary:
An anti-love story about Delphine, a dancer living in New York. Despite her best intentions to keep her relationships casual and simple in the infamous city, she falls hard for a sexy and charismatic painter. Although he is smitten with her, The Painter continues an array of sexual relationships, unable to concentrate solely on Delphine, despite the fact that he is falling in love with her. They decide to keep their options open and play it cool, but they soon discover that love is hardly ever that simple.

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Release Date USA: February 13, 2015
Release Date: February 13, 2015

Genres: Romance movies (202) Drama movies (989)
Country: USA Movies (1694)

Runtime: 90 min
Director: Apolla Echino
Screenplay: Apolla Echino
Cast: Richard Short, Apolla Echino, Siobhan Flynn, Miguel Pinzon, Courtney Reed, Thomas Beaudoin, Sarah Braverman, Tyrone Brown, Aaron Costa Ganis, Wynn Holmes

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