Spanish movies

Release date USA: March 9, 2015
March 27, 2014
Beatriz Sanchís
Elena Anaya, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Angélica Aragón, Christian Bernal,...
If you saw Lupe (35) in her bathrobe and slippers, stuck at home making pies, you would never imagine that back in the 80's she was a pop-rock star....
Release date USA: March 12, 2015
March 24, 2014
Álex Pina
Verónica Echegui, Leticia Dolera, Carmen Machi, Álex García, Ivan Massagué...
Slastan, a Karadjistan man, is willing to blow himself up aboard a Moscow plane bound for Madrid, but his plan is complicated when, due to a...
10,000 Km movie poster
Release date USA: July 10, 2015
March 10, 2014
Carlos Marques-Marcet
Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer
Two people in love, two apartments - one in Barcelona and another on in Los Angeles - and the images of their past, present and future. Can love...
Aloft movie poster
Release date USA: May 22, 2015
February 12, 2014
Claudia Llosa
Jennifer Connelly, Cillian Murphy, Oona Chaplin, Mélanie Laurent, Peter...
Aloft tells of a struggling mother who encounters the son she abandoned 20 years earlier.
Open Windows movie poster
Release date USA: November 7, 2014
January 16, 2014
Nacho Vigalondo
Sasha Grey, Elijah Wood, Neil Maskell, Nacho Vigalondo, Rachel Arieff,...
A Night in Old Mexico movie poster
Release date USA: May 15, 2014
November 7, 2013
Emilio Aragón
Robert Duvall, Jeremy Irvine, Angie Cepeda, Luis Tosar, Joaquín Cosio, Jim...
Forced to abandon his ranch and land, Red Bovie (Robert Duvall) rejects the impulse to become complacent in his old age, hops in his Cadillac, and...
The Returned movie poster
Release date USA: February 13, 2014
October 17, 2013
Manuel Carballo
Kris Holden-Reid, Emily Hampshire, Shawn Doyle, Claudia Bassols
The Returned is set in a post-zombie world where a treatment called the “Return Protein” can stop the spread of the virus if injected quickly after...